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5 Wine Coolers to Step Up Your Sommelier Game

by The Experts at Friedmans

For vintners, winemaking is a passion enriched with a legacy of tradition and culture, distilled into the perfect pour and ready to be enjoyed by you. That is, unless you’re storing all that hard labor wrong. It’s true—even if a wine is the best quality (and the same goes for mediocre wines), unless it’s stored at the ideal temperatures and conditions, there’s no way you’ll be able to experience its full potential.

Instead, here’s a proposal. Rather than relying on your refrigerator to chill your wines, do it the right way with a reliable wine cooler that’s actually made to do the job. Our appliance experts explain how and why in this buying guide, where we also review five standout examples of wine preservation for every type of kitchen and wine lover.

Here’s the Difference: Wine Coolers vs. Beverage Centers vs. Undercounter Fridges

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Why You Need a Wine Cooler

Our Best Wine Cooler Picks

Our Selection Process

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Why Do I Need a Wine Cooler?

Even if you’re a casual wine enthusiast, the reasons to buy a wine fridge are worth considering if you hope to enjoy your favorite vino at its peak flavor. But like many enjoyers of wine, you’re probably asking why you shouldn’t store wine in a fridge when you already have one in the kitchen?

Your intuition and intent aren’t wrong. After all, the common refrigerator checks off a lot of the recommendations for properly storing wine:

  • Cold and dark
  • Steady temperature control
  • Humidity management

Except, the problem with standard refrigerators is that they are designed to preserve produce and proteins, which don’t come stored in a protective glass bottle. In order to keep these foods fresh as long as possible, colder temperatures and low humidity are necessary.

But for wine, extreme cold and low levels of humidity ruin the body and flavor of wines, while changes in moisture levels can cause changes to the cork that compromise the seal on a bottle. Without a barrier, oxidization begins to happen fast, and exposure to air can even lead to mold and bacteria growth.

Our Best Wine Cooler Picks

Get your glasses ready! Here are five wine refrigerators designed to keep your vintages stocked, chilled, and ready to enjoy.

Best Overall: Marvel 2.7 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Wine Cooler (MLWC215IG01A)
Side view of Marvel MLWC215IG01A panel-ready wine cooler

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Like a glass of perfectly aged wine, this Marvel wine cooler is a reminder that greatness is measured in quality, not quantity. With just a 15-inch profile, this space-saving wine storage unit provides enough space to stock up to 24 bottles behind a UV-blocking door and with advanced cooling technology. Customize its paneling to match your kitchen design or as a striking complement to the six smoothly gliding racks with maple fronts hidden inside this cooler’s midnight-black lining.


  • 24-bottle capacity  
  • Dynamic cooling technology
  • Argon-filled UV-resistant door  
  • Vibration Neutralization System
  • Smooth-gliding racks

Best Luxury: Sub-Zero® 30" Panel Ready Wine Cooler (IW-30A-RH)

Front view of Sub-Zero IW-30A-RH built-in wine cooler

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Your palate isn’t one-dimensional, and your wine storage doesn’t have to be, either. For passionate wine experts, this built-in Sub-Zero wine cooler is the perfect pedestal for displaying your fine collection of vintages and ready-to-age wines inside 15 quality wood shelves with 146 bottles of capacity. Perfect preservation is achieved with a combination of dual-zone temperature management, twin evaporators, and hermetically sealed doors, all of which keep conditions within a degree of setpoint.


  • 146-bottle capacity
  • Dual-zone wine cooler
  • Dual evaporators 
  • UV-resistant panel with bronze tinting
  • Magnetic door seals
  • Wi-fi compatible
  • Inventory tiles with customizable templates  
  • 20-year lifespan  

Best Countertop Wine Cooler: Frigidaire® 19" Black Stainless Steel Wine Cooler (FRWW3433AV)

Front view of Frigidaire FRWW3433AV countertop wine cooler

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If you’re ready to display something a little more exciting on your kitchen’s workspace, raise a toast to this countertop wine cooler from Frigidaire. Its no-installation setup provides the flexibility to stock wine wherever is convenient in your kitchen inside a modern presentation with digital controls, LED lighting, and metal racks. Single-zone temperature control with a range between 41–65 degrees gives you the luxury to create ideal settings tailored to reds, whites, or rosés.


  • 34-bottle capacity
  • Single-zone wine cooler  
  • Wine-safe LED lighting
  • Sleek electronic controls

Best Small Wine Cooler: Frigidaire® 19" Black Stainless Steel Wine Cooler (FRWW2432AV)

Front view of Frigidaire FRWW2432AV wine cooler

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Like our recommended countertop wine fridge, this small wine cooler from Frigidaire comes with a space-saving design, no installation necessary, and a sophisticated design suited for new-age kitchen aesthetics. Space-challenged kitchens will enjoy its 19-inch profile and 24-bottle capacity equipped with electronic temperature controls  in a range from 41 to 65 degrees—perfect for stocking up on your favorite style of wine.


  • 24-bottle capacity
  • Single-zone wine cooler  
  • Wine-safe LED lighting
  • Sleek electronic controls

Best Freestanding Wine Fridge: GE® 4.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Beverage Center (GVS04BQNSS)

Front view of GE GVS04BQNSS wine cooler

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Whether you decide to use this pick as a built-in wine storage or a freestanding wine fridge, the excellence of GE craftsmanship preserves your wines how they deserve. Use single-zone temperature technology to chill at the ideal temperature for the flavor you decide to stock this pick with. With a 31-bottle capacity, your prized collections are ready to showcase as they nestle in on authentic oak shelves.


  • 31-bottle/109-can capacity
  • Single-zone wine cooler
  • Tinted glass  
  • Genuine oak shelves

Our Selection Process

Stock with confidence. Our selections have been evaluated following these key considerations, so no matter your preference, you can have a glass ready to pour whenever the mood calls.

Temperature Zones

According to our experts, the single most important factor when buying a wine refrigerator is understanding temperature zones, which we go over in our blog “What Type of Wine Cooler Do I Need?”  In terms of value, dual-zone wine coolers tend to rank better because of their flexibility to stock up on different flavor profiles without compromising temperatures for either. But shoppers looking to save a little (or have lighter stocking demands) can still find quality single-zone wine preservation, such as the ones featured in our list.

Elemental Protection 

Buyers are probably aware of the spectrum of tints that wine bottles come in, and that’s no mistake; the first line of defense for wine and its flavor is the bottle. These dark shades are specially made to block out illumination, which can alter a wine’s chemical makeup, and as a result, its flavor.

While glass bottles provide considerable protection, sometimes, they’re still vulnerable to direct sunlight and even harsh interior lighting. For us, the best wine coolers came with an extra barrier of security via light-resistant door panels. For some models, that means using a dual-pane design that also locks in temperatures, while others go the extra mile with UV-blocking properties for wine storage reminiscent of traditional wine cellars.


Just because you don’t drink wine that often doesn’t mean storage capacity is less of a consideration. Remember: A wine cooler is also a great place to store other beverages, from brews to soft drinks. During our evaluation, we found models with versatile storing options (especially coolers that sat bottles horizontally, which is the recommended storage practice) provided better value for users.

Wine Coolers FAQ

Q. How long does wine last in a wine fridge?

When opened, wine can be stored in a wine cooler for up to five days before the flavor begins to decline. When stored in a regular refrigerator, open wine tends to last a maximum of three days. When kept unopened, wines are able to store between one to five years in a wine cooler, depending on the type of wine.

Q. How cold does a wine cooler get?

The common temperature range for a wine cooler is between 41–65 degrees. Select models may chill below 45 degrees, however, storing wine in these conditions isn’t recommended.

Q. How cold should a wine cooler be?

The best temperature setting for a wine cooler depends on the type of wine you’re storing.

White wine: 45–55 degrees

Red wine: 55–65 degrees

Rosé: around 55 degrees

Sparkling wine: around 41 degrees

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